CoinsGold LTD was established in Toronto, Canada in 2017. It is a company that “makes the use of digital assets more convenient” as its mission. It is committed to creating a “trustworthy integrated digital asset service platform”. , Giving you a one-stop comprehensive service platform that you can use with confidence., qui dolorem ipsum quia dolor sit amet.

At present, the company’s open business section has the CoinsGold Exchange Platform cryptocurrency trading platform, which opens the door for you to acquire and trade digital assets; Joy ​​Hobby Mall has now supported cryptocurrency payment, allowing you to have cryptocurrencies without having to exchange them for Fiat currency, enjoy shopping fun. We are also in contact with offline merchants to cooperate and intend to deploy and set up Bitcoin ATM machines and payment terminals around the world to open up online and offline business models. As long as you have digital assets, you can travel the world. Cryptocurrencies are changing the world, and we invite you to join us as witnesses and participants in a new history, and jointly open a new chapter in a more free and equal world trade!


Bitcoin ATM

You can purchase your Bitcoin everywhere with our amazing ATM enjoy the future way of shopping.

Mobile App

Ios and android app allow you access platform anything anywhere

24/7 Trading

Unlike most traditional markets, cryptocurrency is 24/7.

Margin Trading

Quickly and easily borrow funds from Coins Gold to go long or short on a currency pair by up to 100x.

Strong Security

90% of crypto assets will be kept secure in cold storage wallets.

Instant Exchange

Coins Gold platform allows easy and anonymous instant exchange of any crypto-currency

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